• Keep your photos organized

    With the smart categories.

  • Keep your photos safe

    From the eyes and hands of others.

  • Keep your photos in one place

    And safeguard your Moments.

Keep track of your photos

Moment is designed with simplicity in mind, a powerful application made easy.

Beautifully Designed

Just give it a chance and you fall in love.

Full View of Photos

In the mosaic, Moment don't crop anything.

Share & Receive Photos

Both private and publicly.

Unlimited Storage

Even sky is not the limit.

Easy Navigation

Moment is designed to make your life easier and your memories closer.

Only One Menu

We have accommodated each element to make it accessible and clear.

Complete Photos

The Moment's photo mosaic don't crop your photos.

Night Owls Friendly

We also care about your eyes :)

Information is Power

That is why we give you everything organized and easy to find.

Cards for you

We have accommodated each section in cards, you have all the details in sight


In this section you will be able to find your photos by days, months or even years.


Face Recognizer will create a card for each person you have in your photos.


through GPS, Moment is able to create a card for every place you've visited.

Received & Shared

This is where you and your friends share photos, publicly or privately.

A powerful search engine

We assure you, it is super easy to find, share or enjoy any Moment.

Navigating Trough the Browser

It is even easier and intuitive.

You can Even Type

Just write or dictate something, Moment will do the rest.

Add Filters

You can tell Moment to display all your photos or just the recent ones.

Search Your Way

Basically you have unlimited possibilities.

Moment Cares About You

Your privacy is invaluable, and we know it.

Code Protected Categories

You can also use touch ID or a security phrase.

Only Share What You Want

And only with the ones you want.

Password Encrypted

Nobody can access your password.

Don't Worry

We have you protected.